FLAC (Free Legal Advice Centre) is an independent, voluntary organisation that helps people to understand and access their legal rights. FLAC offers some basic legal assistance for free and in confidence.

This service in available by appointment only. Contact Drogheda Community Services Centre to make an appointment at 041 9836084 or email info@droghedacsc.net.


The Legal Aid Board provides legal services in relation to civil law matters to eligible persons. To qualify for services you must satisfy the Board's financial eligibility requirements.

Legal aid means representation by a solicitor or barrister in civil proceedings in the District, Circuit, High and Supreme Courts. Legal aid is available also for representation before the Refugee Appeals Tribunal.
Legal aid is not granted automatically.

For further information & to make an appointment please contact:

Drogheda Community Services at 041-9836084 or email info@droghedacsc.net.

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